Why You Need Regular HVAC Maintenance

Why You Need Regular HVAC Maintenance

If you are one of those who fix their HVAC only when it has a problem, chances are high that you are not getting the best performance from it. Besides, if you often skip the routine maintenance of your HVAC, you are gradually reducing its lifespan, which is why this article lists out some reasons to take routine maintenance more seriously.

  1. Maintenance check averts potential faults

The most important reason to get your HVAC serviced regularly is because some potential faults may be detected and fixed at no additional cost during maintenance check. This is because it involves the assessment of every component of the system to be sure that they are working fine. The point is that, the last repair work carried out on your HVAC may have been avoided if it was checked before it broke down.  Here is a look at what happens during a regular maintenance check.

  1. Better use of warranty

Several parts of the HVAC usually have warranties that will expire at different dates. Your technician will likely check the dates of each of them and list them out for you. That way, you can take advantage of the warranty. It is possible that a component that will expire in a few weeks is not in perfect condition. In that situation, it is better to get it replaced for free. Without a maintenance check, it may take another 3 months before the problem manifests in the performance of your unit. Then, it’ll no longer be under warranty and you will have to pay for its replacement.

  1. Lower electricity bills

Without regular checks, your HVAC may not be in perfect condition and your system will have to work even harder. You know what that means? The rate of wear and tear will be faster and it will consume more electricity. It may not cause a spike in your bill but the difference can add up quickly.

  1. Retention of warranty

It is becoming a common practice among manufacturers to include a maintenance clause in their warranty policy. With the clause, you can only enjoy your warranty if you follow their maintenance instructions. Imagine getting your free part replacement request declined because you have been skipping routine checks on your system. Regular checks can help to retain the warranty on your system.

  1. Higher efficiency

Regular routine checks leave your appliance in perfect condition always. In fact, several studies have revealed that appliances work about 20% harder (on the average) when they are not properly maintained. This gradually reduces the lifespan of your unit.

So, it is important that you have your HVAC checked at least once a year. Although routine maintenance may come at a cost, skipping it will prove even costlier in the long run.